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Lovesick explores the changing landscape of a small Canadian lake through the stories of the people who live on its shores. To view the whole film please click here.

Videography/Editing by Lauren Bridle

Sound by Lauren Bridle

Soundtrack by Rob Wilson

Filmed on Canon 5dMkIII


A short profile on Ali the taxi driver as part of a series showcasing immigrant taxi drivers and why they chose to live in Canada.

In partnership with Beck Taxi, Harbourfront Centre, Ryerson University School of Image Arts and Canada 150.

Videography/Editing by Lauren Bridle

Second Camera by Andrew Bateman

Sound Recording by Ken Robinson

Filmed on IPhone 6

I've Got 99 Problems, but Fat Ain't One - Barcroft TV

A PLUS-SIZE model claims she has '99 problems, but being fat, ain't one.’ Julianna Mazzei, AKA Jewelz is confident, humorous and sassy, and has no shame when it comes to posing with little clothing and talking to her thousands of social media followers about ‘fat problems.’ 

Videographer & Director: Lauren Bridle

Producer: Camile Rocha-Keys, Ruby Coote

Editor: Grant Hanson-Vaux

Filmed for Barcroft Media.

Legend of Lovesick Lake

A short video shot on Lovesick Lake, Ontario.

Poem written by Emily Margeurite Marshall, 1925

Narrated by Carolyn Head
Videography/Editing by Lauren Bridle

Filmed on Canon 5D MkIII

League of Lumberjacks - BATL Toronto

Spent an evening with Backyard-Axe Throwing League's GM, Trev Welsh, at one of their league nights in downtown Toronto.
BATL's website:

Directed & Produced by Lauren Bridle
Videography by Mehrdad Ahmadpour
Sound by Andrew Bateman

Filmed on Canon 5D MkIII

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